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When it comes to gaining more space in your house, you can always consider alternatives such as for home alterations, home additions or home an extension to your current house instead of moving somewhere else.


Home addition refers to the process of extending a house upwards by adding another floor to the existing structure. On the other hand, home extension means adding another room to the outside of the current structure.


If you don’t have sufficient land space, In that case going upwards (adding another floor) might be the best option for you. In addition to that, adding another floor will save you from compromising the garden space.

Hiring a professional for building Alterations, Additions and Extensions

Did you know that in South Australia there are rules about the types of water heaters that can be installed into new homes, additions or alterations? Also the requirements are not the same for all types of houses? Well these are only a few factors of many that you need to consider when it comes to home alterations, additions and extensions.


However, there is nothing to worry about if you are not quite sure about how to go for building alteration, building addition or building extension. There are professionals available out there who know exactly how to deal with such construction related projects. With their knowledge, expertise and available resources, they will be able to make your life easier.


In case of choosing the design for your new home extensions or home additions, it will be advisable to seek the assistance of an architect or draftsperson who will be able to advise and draw up your plans correctly. It is to be mentioned that when it comes to building extensions and building additions, you will need council approvals as well as permits. In such cases, hiring a professional builder is advisable.

ABC Building Services for your Building Alteration, Addition or Extension Work

If you are looking for some expert help for your home alteration, addition or extension, you can always rely on ABC Building Services a firm that deals with home alteration, addition or extension related works professionally.


Some of our services include: new homes, carports, pergolas, decking, verandas, kitchens, bathrooms and so on. We have a skilled workforce with 30 years of experience that guarantees quality service for your building alteration, addition or extension project. We also have a strong network of qualified building contractors, something that adds more value to the overall service.


So no more worries about building alterations, additions or extensions. Simply contact us and get our experts to assist in making your project a successful one.