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Individuals who plan to conduct construction works by themselves on their own land or willing to coordinate the necessary tasks related with the construction on their own projects are called "Owner Builders". It is to be mentioned that just like the licensed building work contractors, by law owner builders are also required to meet the legislative requirements which relate to construction works.

One of the biggest advantages of being an Owner Builder is that it will allow you to save thousands of dollars in in builder's profits.

Responsibilities of an Owner Builder while dealing with building works in South Australia

When it comes to initiating a building project in South Australia, there are some specific responsibilities that you as an owner builder need to take under consideration according to the Development Act.


This includes:

  • Obtaining a Development Approval
  • Lodging all the necessary copies of certificates of indemnity insurance with the legitimate authority
  • Informing the owner(s) who have adjoined properties regarding the intention of initiating a building work which may affect their properties
  • Informing the council at prescribed stages of the construction work
  • Executing the construction in accordance with the approved documents
  • Submitting a signed statement of compliance to the legitimate authority once the construction is completed

Why do you need a Work Supervisor?

A registered building work supervisor is a person who oversees the entire construction project from the beginning to the end.


It is mandatory to have an 83AB statement of compliance certificate signed by a registered building work supervisor or a private certifier who will verify that the construction was completed in accordance with the approved documents and all the necessary notification were provided during the construction. Therefore, even if you plan to take care of your construction project as an owner builder, it is very important that you have a building works supervisor involved with the project.

How can ABC Building Services help you with the Supervising?

ABC Building Services offers a professional building inspection service for Owner Builders in South Australia which will allow you to fulfil necessary requirements as an Owner Builder when it comes to executing the building work.


We have a workforce that comprises of people with more than 30 years of experience on construction works who will provide you necessary advice regarding how to execute the project successfully. ABC Building Services also has a list of reliable contractors who are tested and proven in the business with whom you can develop a strong network to get the best out of your project.